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GetHotsong is a musical platform or portal for worldwide music download, upload, promotion and blogging. it was built by African best web development company (Flair UI) in the year ( / /2019).

Stream & Download MP3/MP4

You can now search and download songs, stream audio, watch a music video of your choice, just like YouTube😍.
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Upload your Song

Enter artist name and music title on the first bar, select and upload your music, Select and upload your music artwork, Add your contacts for easy communication, Then publish your music using the “publish” button

Write your blog

Write blog about your musical career or anything trendy and interesting. So that it can show up on Google search
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GetHotsong is a user friendly platform with cool features like worldwide music download and upload, blogging and music views counter, aimed to help artist or music lovers gain more exposure in music industry.

GetHotsong is a music sharing platform designed to boost unrecognized artist to be known worldwide or globally with ease, by offering or high boosting your music to her daily visitors.

GetHotsong uses YouTube api to generate all music on YouTube to the site, and offered them for free download.


No one should upload any copyright music on the platform unless it’s yours. GetHotsong will not be held responsible for any copyright music uploaded on the platform.

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