All about Devlo Zm (age, origin)

Moses katalilo (born on march 3,2003), better known by his stage name Devlo zm, is a Zambian rapper, songer and songwriter. Inspired by lil Wayne, Tommy Lee Sparta, Late Oliver mtukudzi, swae Lee, late xxxtentacion, Late lil peep, Burna boy, future, rae sremmurd.

His career began at the age of 9, (in fifth grade).

In 2019, Devlo Zm got signed to KNB record.

Devlo Zm has written over 20+ songs lately and had one released.

He released one out in the year 2021 in the memory of his late brother (Gift chiyota, Aka Lord grizzy).

Devlo Zm origin

Devlo Zm


Moses katalilo (born on march 3,2003), From Zambia,Lusaka in a small area called chilenje South.

(Other names)

The southern African trap nigga,

Tha young felony .


Kafue Boys secondary school.


Rapper, singer, songwriter.


Mrs Florence chiyota

Mr Joy katalilo


Tems and Jane magwamazi

(Year active)

2013 – present


Hip hop, Afro





(Track list)

1) one out – 2021.

Devlo zm

Below are questions asked to Devlo Zm on the interview held by gethotsong teams.


What made you fall for one of the top best African singer “tems”.

(Devlo Zm)

For me to crush on someone …. Takes a lot of time, firstly when I heard tems’  music I got prompted to check her interviews out … Den the personality she portrays in her interviews is different from every other ….  Her difference basically

Apart from crushing she also qualifies to be mi inspiration.


What are the most shitting things people told you regarding to your musical career ?

(Devlo Zm)

For my first song I was featured on shout out to my hommie taizya mwambazi like dis nigga trained my vocals in xul …… yea back to it yeah my other hommies said it sounded like a gospel song???? dey called me a gospel rapper, when it was a love song????… I received comments like am dry … Am  a fluke around am an embarrassment of my broda and I will never make it that is the most hurtful comment I received it doesn’t just hurt me buh motivates me to work alot


Of all record labels in the world, which among em do you wish to get signed to ?

(Devlo Zm)

I wouldn’t want to be signed up to another record label because de record label am signed under we beyond just music yoh, I would want to contribute to the betterment of d KNB RECORDs and grow big coz it just makes it easier to work.

If I was to get signed up to another record label I ghatta know somebody beyond just music.

And the record labels gotta be burna boy’s record label, or California record label.


Have you ever try giving up music, and what motivated you to keep pushing ?

(Devlo Zm)

Yeah bro I have always thought of quiting buh I always remember where I started from how I struggled in boarding school saving up my pocket money for a studio session …. I never went for break time????.


What’s the best way to contact you.

(Devlo Zm)

My email

[email protected]

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  1. Devlo I want to let you know that ama be there to support you..
    And I appreciate your music..
    one out really touched my heart..
    It reminded me of my late kid bro…

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