Best Audio Interface Under 200 {$} Dollars in 2021

When looking for the best audio interface under 200 dollars, there are a few features that you must look for.

If you look around just about any top-rated best cheap audio interface review online, you will tend to see this one sitting pretty at the top.

At the same time, at the same low cost, this interface also outdoes the competition in nearly every other category.

When price is your only concern, and you need a simple mixer with decent sound quality, you cannot beat the Onyx USB Mic Preamp.

best audio interface under 200

Out of all the best audio interfaces under 200 available, perhaps none is as easy to use as the Onyx USB Mic Preamp. Even those who have little or no experience at all at recording can figure it out pretty quickly.

This device provides you with four record inputs and four gain levels, with knobs for input level control.

There is even an assign function so that each input can be assigned to a specific member of your band, thus giving you the ability to seamlessly switch back and forth between tracks.

Other useful features of the Onyx USB Mic Preamp include a “volume” control with a separate setting for record/playback volume, a “bounce-back” feature that allows you to instantly rewind a sound coming from another source if needed, and two levels for monitoring the level of input signal.

breakdown on best audio interface under 200

While these pre-amps might not be ideal for professional studio recording works, they certainly work well for the home studio or recording studio.

In fact, the Onyx is probably one of the best audio interface/preamps to consider for both the home studio and for the smaller pre-amped mixing consoles.

The other great feature of this particular cheap USB microphone interface is its ability to support up to 16 inputs, which is more than you’ll find on many inexpensive interfaces.

In addition, it will work very well with other midi devices, such as keyboards or other instrument gear. And it includes standard RCA connectors to plug in and handle other midi cables.

In addition to all of those benefits, the Onyx also has what’s called “channel separation”, which prevents other digital instruments connected to the interface from hearing other channels.

So even if you’re recording music through several different speakers, the Onyx can monitor each channel without a problem.

However, while the Onyx is a solid combination of affordable hardware and quality features, it might fall short in terms of build quality.

Like many audio interfaces of this type, the front panel housing is made out of plastic, rather than metal, and the ports and connections are all fairly smooth and plastic-like.

While the plastic construction does work well to prevent scratches, they do tend to collect fingerprints fairly easily, and dust tends to build up over time as well.

In addition, these small disadvantages might be enough for many buyers to pass on the Onyx as a top choice when shopping for cheap, entry-level audio interfaces.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Onyx isn’t particularly unique when it comes to the way that it records audio.

In fact, most cross-over interfaces with Firewire or USB ports use similar technologies to record audio.

what made Onyx USB Mic Preamp best audio interface under 200

There are however, some unique aspects of the Onyx, such as its support for up to sixteen input channels, as well as being able to record up to four channels of audio into separate inputs.

Those types of features make the Onyx the best audio interface for a wide range of professional applications.

In terms of features, the Onyx is definitely a step up from most other midi interfaces. It has four channels of hard-wired recording using Firewire or USB ports, but it can also support a USB keyboard, and has knobs for direct input and output of mono and stereo signals.

The Onyx also has a special mode, which enables you to use its front panel controls as virtual instruments, such as using a virtual bass, treble, and mid-tone knobs to alter the sound of the sound system.

Some interfaces even have special effects functions, such as chorus or flanging.

The best interfaces under 200 dollars generally fall into one of two categories: those that are moderately priced and those that are very expensive.

Most midi interfaces fall into the somewhat affordable price point, because they are fairly simple systems that don’t require a lot of feature-additions, making it one of the best audio interface under 200 dollars. For the more serious audiophile, however,

it is a good idea to spend a little extra on a better quality preamp and mic combo, so that your interface sounds its best. There are many decent options for best audio interface under 200 dollar  range for true midi preamps and mics.

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