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Egworaha Favour popularly known as Favrisky is a Nigerian musician born into Lagos 

Favrisky is a product of favrisky lightning Records, Also the brain box of favrisky lighting records After creating the record label he signed for Mavins Record so he could grow and come back to develop the label which he did. Favrisky is a crafty maker when it comes to singing hits songs he released his first single titled ‘God is able’ which left most of his mates in shock cause it was just a freestyle at home




        FULL NAME: Egworaha Favour

        DATE OF BIRTH: 10th of May 2005

        RELIGION: Christianity

        GENRE: Hip-Hop/Rap

        PARENTS: Unidentified

        BROTHERS: Danny Dolls





Favrisky hasnt been attending the best schools if thats what you might be thinking, He started his school life by attending a school in OGBA named Obalodu Montesorri School. He later relocated from that location so he attended a new school called Cecil College, not to be expected tho he didnt write his senior waec in that school he wrote his waec in The Floral School

Favrisky has been an open minded person when it comes to academic performance. He always won the best in maths award each year cause of his extreme knowledge in mathematics. He represented his school in competitions worldwide in quiz and debates and won most of them. Favrisky also an head boy in his school gets the attention and love of his teachers.




Favrisky started having flares for music when he usually finds himself just rapping to beats or singing to them. No one actually supported his music career then cause they felt like he was too young to be thinking of all this ideas, but he took is to a more serious and advanced level when he started saving to buy himself musical instruments, even with all his efforts no one still felt the urge to support him. He records in studios then but he felt it was seriously eating up all he had then on him so he resorted in using his phones to record his tracks.

He released his first single titled GOD IS ABLE which actually at that time was just a freestyle he did when he was bored at home. After months of savings he was able to afford the musical instruments he needed for his music, then he started his own home/personal studio which he recorded a ffew tracks before eventually started attending shows. His name got some recognition after he released his single titled Yo Yo. He does freestyles which he posts on his instagram page, After participating in few competitions of freestyles some which he won and others which he didnt




      You can contact favrisky on his social media pages below;





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