The ultimate Home Recording Studio Equipment List in 2021

Home Recording Studio Equipment List 2021.

If you’re looking for an easy method to invest in a Home Recording Studio Equipment List or plan without the requirement of buying lots of individual parts? Then you’ve seen the right guide.

In this post, we’re going to show you a few of our favorite recording studio plans to assist you to sift through what sort of Home Recording Studio Equipment List is on the market and find the very best kit for you.

Whether you are an artist purchasing your first recording studio equipment or an aspiring producer/mixer. There are some fantastic options out there that can save you time, cash, and hassle investigating what to purchase.

Home Recording Studio Equipment List in 2021

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Recording Bundle
RODE NT1 & AI-1 Complete Studio Kit
M-audio Vocal Studio Pro Package
Presonus AudioBox iTwo Studio Bundle

To find out more on each of these studio plans & packages, you can see more in-depth information listed below, together with a couple of more choices.

4 Best Recording Studio Bundles & Packages

  1. Home Recording Studio Equipment List: RODE NT1 & AI-1 Complete Studio Kit


    The Rode NT1 & AI-1 Complete Studio Package is fit for almost anybody from the computer recording beginner to the experienced traveling professional. Bring this plan with you in your luggage along with your laptop computer supplies you with a mobile recording workstation like no other.

The total studio set includes:

Rode NT1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone

All-metal pop filter

Rode AI1 audio interface

XLR Microphone cable television and USB cable

Rode’s NT1 microphone has actually been among Rode’s most popular large-diaphragm condenser microphones for several years. It’s a fantastic-sounding condenser microphone that consists of a shock mount and a pop filter and even a microphone cable television to get you started.

The kit likewise consists of the AI1 audio interface this is a 1 in 2 out audio user interface that supports microphone and instrument level inputs. It even consists of a USBC cable television for connecting from the audio interface into your Mac or your Windows PC.

One of the great things about the total studio package is that it’s so portable. The user interface is small, the microphone is compact and the user interface is bus-powered from your computer system. You don’t need a separate power supply to power it.

The Home Recording Studio Equipment List will work extremely well for you. If you are thinking about tape-recording or running a podcast tune ideas, whether you are permanently stationed at your house or you wish to record and/or broadcast while you’re out and mobile, this will be the complete service for you.

home recording studio equipment list
home recording studio equipment list
  1. Home Recording Studio Equipment List: Focus rite Scarlett Solo Studio Recording Bundle


    The Focus rite Solo studio recording package features whatever you need to begin producing great recordings with your Mac or PC. This economical package consists of:

Scarlett Solo interface

CM25 large diaphragm condenser microphone

HP60 closed-back headphones

XLR microphone cable television and USB cable

Collection of software applications.

The Scarlett Solo user interface is a compact USB audio interface that uses two inputs and 2 outputs at 24-bit 96k resolution. It includes one of Focusrite’s acclaimed microphone preamps, this is the same mic preamp that you’ll discover on Focusrite’s flagship liquid sapphire 56 interfaces. With phantom power, independent gain controls, and plenty of headroom, the mic preamp can support a wide variety of input sources including microphones, guitars, keyboards, and more.

The included CM25 Condenser microphone will provide you a smooth and clear noise. This microphone is excellent for recording vocals however it’s likewise delicate sufficient to tape-record instruments like acoustic guitars, strings, and wind instruments. Just connect the consisted of low sound XLR cable television from the microphone to the microphone preamp, turn on the phantom power switch and you’re ready to record.

To listen to your music, this bundle includes the HP 60 headphones. These over-the-ear recommendation display headphones let you hear the nuances of your music while lowering leaks into the microphone.

Aside from the excellent hardware functions this package also comes bundled with Pro Tools First Focusrite Creative Pack. That includes hundreds of virtual instrument sounds, 500MB of loops, and great-sounding effects.

This is a complete recording and production workstation which provides you the power to make professional-sounding tracks the scarlet plug-in suite includes EQs, compressors, and revers. You likewise get the loop masters sample library which includes a gigabyte of results and samples to contribute to your tracks.

The Focusrite Scarlett studio recording plan is an outstanding all-in-one recording service for Mac or PC owners. Start producing top-quality music right out of the box with this budget-friendly recording rig.

home recording studio equipment list
home recording studio equipment list
  1. Home Recording Studio Equipment List: M-audio Vocal Studio Pro Package


    The M-audio Vocal Studio Pro bundle consists of:

M-Audio’s Nova Black large-diaphragm condenser microphone

M-Track C-Series 2X2 USB/USB-C Audio Interface

HDH40 Closed-Back Headphones

The M-audio Vocal Studio Pro is an all-in-one service for your computer system recording jobs it gives you the flexibility to lay down vocals on your latest tune, tell your next podcast, or add a voice-over to your multimedia production.

The Vocal Studio Pro has a distinct combination of high-performance hardware and easy-to-use software application. Merely plug the microphone into the interface. Link the user interface to the computer system, put on the earphones, and you’re all set to tape-record.

Finishing this effective package is two software packages. The C-Series Software Suite; AIR Creative FX Collection (20 world-class FX AU/VST plugins as made famous by Pro Tools), AIR Strike, AIR Xpand! 2, AIR Mini Grand and Steinberg Cubase LE. Together they deliver a thorough path for transforming the ideas in your head to musical works and ideas you can show the world.

  1. Home Recording Studio Equipment List: Presonus AudioBox iTwo Studio Bundle


    The Presonus AudioBox iTwo studio package is an extremely cost effective all-in-one recording solution for your Mac or PC. The bundle includes:

AudioBox iTwo audio user interface with cable

HD7 studio tracking earphones

M7 studio condenser microphone with cable

Catch Duo recording software for iPad

It likewise includes the Presonus Studio One 3 Artist DAW software, this is an extraordinary software application bundle and gives you unrestricted tracks in an intuitive single-window user interface with powerful drag-and-drop functionality.

home recording studio equipment list
home recording studio equipment list

PreSonus Studio One 3 Artist DAW software application consists of full-featured mix automation for new virtual instruments and twenty 32-bit native noise plugins including reverb, EQ, modeling, and more. Studio One artist also comes with 6+ GB of third-party resources like core player, EZDrummer Lite, Guitar Rig Le, and over 1.4 gigabytes of loops.

The AudioBox iTwo audio user interface is a 2 channel user interface. This user interface is ready for on-the-go recording, the interface is capable of up to 24 bit analog to digital conversion and functions award-winning microphone preamps.

A large-diaphragm Presonus M7 condenser microphone is also included big diaphragm condenser microphones are the market requirement for recording vocals. When you’re going for a detailed and warm noise for monitoring your music, they also sound terrific on instruments particularly.

Presonus likewise includes a pair of hd HD 7 headphones these are light-weight earphones that deliver convenience and toughness for long-lasting use. The patented semi-open headphones deliver a well balanced tone with a powerful low-end punch.

This bundle also comes with a nine-foot XLR microphone cable television, a USB cable, a microphone clip, and carry bags for both the microphone and headphones.

Whether you’re constructing a recording studio from scratch or supplementing your existing gear. The Presonus audio box studio package features whatever you’ll require to start recording onto your Mac or PC.

Why is a studio package much better than a USB mic?

I would advise a studio package over a standalone USB microphone for taping for two reasons:

Having an audio interface enables you to attach any electrical instrument whether it be a guitar, keyboard, or bass straight to the unit and after that into your Mac or PC and record into your preferred software application.

You can use any microphone you want with an audio interface, not simply the one USB microphone. Whether you want to use a dynamic mic or a condenser microphone with the audio interface. Your alternatives are endless.

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