Måneskin singer, Damiano David, using drugs during the show.

The owners of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest responded to speculation that Måneskin singer Damiano David was using drugs during the performance.

After Måneskins song “Zitti e buoni” scored 524 points, he won the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night. However, his victory was undermined by rumors of drug use, because many people believed that the virus video showed Damiano “using cocaine.”

Måneskin singer, Damiano David, using drugs during the show. 1 2021

The lead singer strongly denied this request at a press conference last night, and now the European Broadcasting Union has resolved the disputeand confirmed that Damiano will be tested for drugs. They said in a statement: “We are aware of the speculation surrounding the videotape of the Italian winners of the Eurovision Song Contest held last night in the Green Room. The band strongly refuted the allegations of drug abuse, and the alleged singer will undergo voluntary drug testing after returning to his hometown. This was their request last night, but EBU was unable to arrange it immediately.

Damiano’s, explains that the reason he bowed was because he found the glass, they continued:

The gang, its management and the head of the delegation have informed us that there are no drugs in the Green Hall and explained that The glass was smashed. On his table, he was being picked up by the singer. “EBU can confirm that broken glass was found after an on-site inspection. We are still studying the images carefully and will provide more information in due course.

‘Eurovision Song Contest: Italian winner denies cocaine use.

reporters in last night’s press conference with Damiano Facedwith the viral video, the singer replied in tribute to this: “Thomas [guitarist Thomas Raj] broke the glass…I don’t use drugs, please don’t say that. “Don’t really say that. No cocaine, please don’t say that. The band then issued a statement on its Instagram story, saying: “We are really shocked by some people’s remarks about Damiano’s use of drugs.

We are indeed against drugs and never use cocaine. We are ready to be tested , Because we have nothing to hide. We are playing music here and we are very happy with Eurovision victory, and we want to thank everyone for your support. “”Rock and roll never die. We love you, they added.

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