The Secrets Of Nithoc Entertainment


Nithoc simply means Niggas In The House Of Cash

the origin of nithoc

nithoc is a money family group formed by sterling chino and D’noval on the year 2016, after participating in TEENS FOR CHRIS (a rap competition) on which they won a sum of 20,000 naira for their school

After graduating from high school on 2017, they decided to drop their first track, but due to expensive, the pushed it to 2019, on which they released their first track titled “we got the money”

They earn a little attention from the public and has been making fame since then


People actually thought they got the name of their music from NITHOC after D’noval shouted nithoc for real at the end of their song

On june 2019, a new Nigerian upcoming artist who goes by the name “Flersh” joined the group

And together they released another hitting track titled ‘Good Life” which has also been giving them more attention from the public

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