In only a couple EPs, Rema has built up himself as a unique new ability.

His first discharge, the eponymous Rema EP, comprises of affirmed Afro pop hits like “Dumebi, or “Iron Man,” which even made it to President Barack Obama’s 2019 summer playlist, a remarkable prominent co-sign for the 19 year old rapper from Benin, Nigeria.

The second track on that EP, “Why,” a snare melody about dismissal from an affection intrigue, appeared to be strange at the time however foreshadowed the unexpected arrival of his Freestyle (EP),that was dropped on June. Free-form rehashes the four tune structure of its forerunner, yet the arrangements grandstand Rema’s sensibilities for curt enthusiastic songwriting, which the craftsman says is the consequence of love and misfortune.”

Both “Street” and “American Love” are about bombed endeavors at pursuing love interests. On “Spiderman,” the craftsman self-gives himself a role as a hero with an “enthusiasm to spare the adolescents through my sound.


one of his music (Trap Out The Submarine) is clearly close, as an enduring title-picture about conquering inconceivable chances.

Rema’s currently come back with his new 4-track venture Bad Commando, which highlights creation work from any semblance of Altims, Oliver El Khatib, 1mind, and Honter.

In another meeting with OkayAfrica, the so called “child winged serpent” talks about his new discharge, two well-respected EPs, popularity and being a fan, self-questions and convictions, and the reasons why he’s one of the most energizing specialists in afropop.

Rema – Bad Commando ( Music Video)

We should begin with your new task Bad Commando and its motivation.

My motivation is profound, from God and drove by the prescience I’m called to satisfy. I didn’t plan to make an EP for a specific reason. These tunes were recorded at various occasions starting from 2018. Each tune has its motivation, consolidated it makes a power the universe will deal with. Yet, in each creation I will in general make sounds that are past the normal, taking the young people to another level. Indicating them a new vision, demonstrating them another world.

Who delivered the new tracks?

“Awful Commando” was created by Honter, “Woman” was delivered by Altims, “Rewind” was delivered by Oliver El Khatib and 1Mind and “Spaceship” was created by Altims. There are no highlights.

“I will in general make sounds that are past the normal, taking the young people to another level. Indicating them a new vision, demonstrating them another world.”

Do you have a most loved track on Bad Commando? Why?


I have no most loved track.

Returning to the start, you left Benin City for the apparent ferocity of Lagos. What has been the most exceptional encounters you’ve had in Lagos up until this point?

The affection and backing, which incorporates the individuals that turn out to help me in appears, club gigs, and so on. The individuals here who bolster my sound, stream and purchase my music. The affection I get in the roads, individuals cheering my name and valuing my quality. It’s astounding.

Photograph: TSE. Cordiality of Rema.

You get contrasted with Wizkid on account of your composition and vocal methodology on Dumebi,silly and iron.

Do you care for these correlations?

No, People are qualified for their sentiments and regard to those who’ve been holding the game down before me. I accept that I’m interesting, that is the reason I’m winning all inclusive. I accept that I’m called for something otherworldly, past the human creative mind so I care less about these correlations.

Individuals keep on discussing whether you’re a rapper, trapper or afropop craftsman.

I’m here to make great music, I’m here to give individuals my sound. At the point when I make music I don’t think an excessive amount of I simply do whatever my soul leads. I’m not a rapper or some kind of melodious O.G and I’m not here to contend around there.


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