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Submit your music, Upload your music free in 20 sec

Submit your music or upload your music free in 20 sec.

You have the Gift and Talent, ok.

You’ve made a lot of cool songs, ok that’s cool too.

But the question is, are your music on net ?

Are people streaming your songs ?

There are a lot of upcoming or unrecognized artists with extraordinary talents in music, but always stuck and sometimes end up quitting because they couldn’t  get their music to the right audience.

That’s one of the reasons we build this platform after years of researching and calculating, to help young, skillful and talented artists get their music out there.

You’re having the talents and skills doesn’t always guarantee you going worldwide.

We want to help you take it to the World.

Submit your music for free

with our daily music listeners, you have the chance of becoming the next big star, when you submit your music with us.

All you have to do is,

pick up your phone

register or login into hotsong

click on ”upload music” and follow the three easy steps there to get your music trending.

Submit your music free all by yourself.

One thing you should know about hotsong is that, we are here for all music lovers.

You can stop paying bloggers money to blog your music or to write some contents about you or your musical career.

You can submit your music or upload your music in 20 sec with your cell phone at the comfort of your home. And at the same time, you can write your bio, or about your musical career or anything trending using our blogging features.

People often asked this question,

where can I upload my music for free download ?

Where can I write a short bio about my self and my musical career ?

well, we believed all those questions are answered now.

Start uploading your Unlimited music for free on gethotsong.

With Awesome artist profile, song release pages, song edit page, Start uploading your music all by yourself now.

Upload music and get free music promotion by sharing a global fan base with other artists on one of the fastest growing independent music sites. Join over thousands of independent artists using gethotsong to promote their music for free!

music streaming and download

Streaming is big business especially those using youtube, but what happens if you want to listen to tracks offline? First, it’s worth knowing a little about what’s involved, the differences between streams and downloads – and why it matters.

There are a number of sites offering music fans both uploads and downloads at no cost. While they won’t make you rich, they’ll give you access to much wider audiences. So where can you upload your song for free download?

Free music distribution and promotion site

submit your music, upload your music free in 20 sec

Free streaming has become a very popular way to listen and discover new music. There’s no prep or effort required, you simply click on a song or playlist, and it plays.

But the downside is that on many websites – unless you pay a subscription fee – songs are connected by ads, which doesn’t make for the most seamless listening experience. The other downside is that you have to have a stable internet connection. With strong 4G networks and Wi-Fi widely available, this tends to be less of an issue these days.

Where can I download songs for free?

Submit your music:

But have you ask yourself this question

what happens if you want to listen on a plane or find the WiFi is down on your train? Or what if you’re in some far-flung, remote location without a signal? In these cases, you can’t stream, but downloads are still playable -provided you downloaded them when you were connected to the net.

Many of the streaming sites make downloads part of the paid memberships (more on those later). But there are also sites catering to those wanting free downloads, just like hotsong.

Is Hotsong Better Than Free Music Archive

Submit your music:

Free Music Archive is a curated platform. This means you’ll have to request to join, by submitting a track. If you’re accepted as an artist-member, you’ll be able to upload and have your music downloaded for free. Fans don’t need to become members though  anyone can access the site for downloads.

Unlike hotsong, all you need to do is, to create your free account and start uploading your music for free.

Is downloading illegal?

Submit your music:

Not if you use hotsong. There are lots of illegal ones too, so keep away from those, so your music doesn’t get a bad reputation, and you don’t get in trouble. Illegal downloads are incredibly damaging to everyone in the music industry.

Which download site will you choose? Do remember, if you offer your music for free, it’s out there, so be sure that’s what you want to do. And however you post, upload or release your tunes, make sure you publicise it. Nobody will find your music if they don’t know it exists. So signpost it with lots of social media publicity and by telling audiences what you’re doing.

now you can Submit your music all by your self.

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