Thomson Nasser, Lil Blizzardz – It Takes A Village…

“It Takes A Village…” is a song by Thomson Nasser with his 14 year old brother, @lil_blizzy_tg on the chorus. The song was highly inspired by @spillagevillage and the upbringing of Thomson Nasser. Born and raised in the capital of Zambia, southern central Africa in the township of Chawama’s madaliso residence, Thomson Nasser has witnessed youths become victims of drug binges and gangsta lifestyles, abandoning education for violence and thugging in the streets. ‘It Takes A Village…’ is derived from the famous quote “It Takes A Village To Raise A Boy”, the artists uses this saying to paint a picture of how communities at large play a role in the choices kids make. Of course it’s not a choice. But it is the fault of the “village” that the boy turns out the way he does in life.

The song drops on the 15th of October, 2021. This song acts as a first appearance of Lil Blizzardz as a musical artist.


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